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Trash & Recycling Services

We provide reliable residential and commercial trash & recycling collection service.

residential services

We offer weekly garbage collection service and a variety of container options for trash service. We also offer single sort recycling pickup as part of our garbage collection service to customers of certain areas.


We currently service:

•  Prescott, Wisconsin

•  Ellsworth, Wisconsin

•  Spring Valley, Wisconsin

•  Rural Pierce, Pepin, St. Croix, Dakota & Goodhue Counties


Frequently Asked Questions

Garbage Cart Options

Based on typical use PIG recommends a family of four, who recycles, use a 65-gallon cart.

Small: 35-gallon cart
(2 standard-sized kitchen bags)

Medium: 65-gallon cart
(4 standard-sized kitchen bags)

commercial services

We will work with you to develop a trash removal program that fits your needs and budget. We offer different cart and container options in a variety of sizes and provide consistent and on-time collection service. Give us a call to talk about options.

Large: 95-gallon cart
(6 standard-sized kitchen bags)

(Dumpsters are available)